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Intech Auto-Stores & Conveyors Pvt. Ltd., is providing the total modern & sophisticated automised solution for all type of material storage i.e. from small, medium to big size of article to its weight. Total automised solution is provided in such a way that optimum advantages of the auto storage system will be fully utilized . For example on line assembly, packing, chemical composition etc.

Conveyor system is the most versatile, sophisticated, flexible and yet economic method of material handling. From simple manual Track / Trolley to Power & Free Conveyors, sophisticated electronically controlled continuous movement of any articles from one place to desired place or places can be carried out by Intech Conveying system.


Intech Auto-Stores & Conveyors Pvt. Ltd., form a drop in the ocean of INTECH.

Intech group which spans from Powder coating plants to electronics to bio-diesel & agricultural fertilizers, has been serving society needs for the past 30 plus years. The presence of caliber from mechanical to electrical & electrical to software under one roof has been a boom to cross sectorial customer base.

The pledge of the group is to serve customers through continuous innovation has seen many technologies Firsts.

Keeping in tune with the group's philosophy, Intech Auto-Stores & conveyors Pvt.Ltd., has also kept pace with the demands & established vision for new trends.

Our customers vouch for the simplicity, reliability and long-lasting quality of our products. Intech is on established name in conveyors and stackers for more than three decades & has more than 400 installations in India and abroad.

At Intech we believe in the Grasp. Think. Solve approach. Every enquiry is first analyzed by our engineers to understanding your existing and projected material handling criteria & storage needs. With extensive tooling, experienced work force, thorough quality check and established quality systems, ideas are transformed into reality with perfection.

We assemble and take trials before delivery under simulated conditions. Operations & maintenance manuals are provided to ensure efficient use of products. Though experience suggests that our products seldom need service or spares, we have a team of service engineers and a wide dealer network for support, should such a need arise.

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